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3 Days Grapefruit Diet

3 days grapefruit diet is based on consuming grapefruits containing a molecule which in combination with proteins is helping fat burning and subsequently losing weight.

This diet offers a quick loss of weight, however in the initial 3 days that weight loss consists mostly of expelled water.

To get better results it’s better to follow below recommended regimen for 12 days.

This may result in 5 kg of lost weight.

During 3 days grapefruit diet you should consume limited amount of food during the day. Next, you should drink plenty of fluids. Coffee is also allowed.

Weight Reduction Fruit Diet

Fruit Diet is an easy way to offer your body some relief from bad eating habits and help you losing weight fast.

Fruit contains high level of vitamins, minerals and natural alkaline acids which play major role in rejuvenation of your body and in improving many biological processes in it.

Most of the fruits is helping to detoxify your body, remove excessive mucus and also can be beneficial in relieving many lungs and breathing conditions.

7 Days Cabbage Soup Weight Reduction Diet

Losing weight quickly sounds attractive. Imagine that you can lose sever kilograms a day.

7 days reduction diet that guarantees weight loss of several kilograms in just few days is becoming more and more popular.

This diet is focused on restricting calories intake, cutting them down to between 800 and 1000 calories per day.

Food list

The core of this diet is a cabbage soup which promises a weight loss of up to 10 kg during the first week. Below is a list of other foods you are allowed to eat during 7 days cabbage diet: